10 things I hate about myself.

I hate that I lie, and convince myself it’s white.
I hate that I crave, for too much things I don’t have.
I hate the way I move, like I always want them to approve.
I hate the way I conform
And act like a stiff chameleon.
I hate the decisions I make, I never knew the right path to take.
I always thought I know enough, I hate that a lot too.
I hate how I disappoint people, once, twice, everytime.
I also hate the way I allow myself to be pressured,
The way I let myself be pushed.
I hate that i’m selfish
At many times I proved it.
And mostly, I hate myself for knowing all these,
but can’t do anything to do something about it.
I don’t know ways, I don’t know how,
I’m struggling to find a way out.
Hoping to teach myself a different attack on things,
Hoping to divulge a better person inside me.

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