Talk about books and its magic.

I started reading novels summer last year, and I really
owe my passion for books to tumblr (where I first blog) where I discovered these little pieces of magic, and to John Green’s TFIOS (The Fault in our Stars) which officially started my love for books and ignited the bookworm in me. Because the moment I turned the last page of it I knew I’ll gonna be craving for more, and I was definitely not mistaken, seeing that up until now reading books had constantly been part of my daily life.

So getting to the perks of being an avid reader, here are some;

You get to lost yourself in a story that is absolutely waaaay more interesting than the boring life you have.
And I know at some point in your life you got that thought of.. “Why is my life so dull and lame and unproductive and just so damn boring!?”
Well let’s say books can’t heal that, but it certainly can wash up any signs of boredom and you’ll gonna stop the rant because books, especially great books will have you believing that the world is full of surprises, you just gotta keep faith and it’ll lead you to where you belong..

Which leads us to the next thing!
Books entertain you, and at the same time leave your mind full of new wisdom the author had generously shared.
I swear I’ve never read a book I didn’t learn something from. And for me that’s how to define the goodness of the book; How deep had the story touched its reader? Is it remarkable? Or could you forget it in such time? Did it left something in your heart that you’ll carry for the rest of your life? And lastly, do you know better now, than the time when you still haven’t read the book?
For me it’s like that. I don’t really care about how it is written, I don’t care about the words like others do because in the first place, I don’t know anything about writing so why bother to judge? I only care about the thoughts and the way these enlighten me, nothing more, nothing less. I appreciate it like that.

Another magic I feel when I’m engrossed in a book is how it lets you escape.
When you read, I suggest you pour all your attention to it in a way like you’re actually entering it’s world and be fascinated to the things you can’t squeeze out of the real world. Then voila, you escaped all the stress and overthinking you don’t want your mind hanging on to anymore. For me, it’s a way of calming my mind and my whole self.

Lastly, books let you see all the possibilities.
Books will open up life infront of you. When you’ve read enough, you come to realize that it’s not just a made-up story, it’s a possibility that any person in this world might be going through right now. You’ll start seeing how huge our world is and how vast the possibilities are. You’ll stop any self-centeredness you have and start looking at other people; friends, acquaintances, colleagues, workers and mostly strangers!
While walking on a crowd of people, you’ll realize how a proper mixture of fate and deeds can lead one way up to another that you’ll start wondering about the bunch of unknown faces you see everyday..
You will start wondering what story they’ve got.

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