To write a book someday..


Right, yesterday I started my daily bucket list of the things i’ll punish myself if I didn’t accomplish before I die (lol God knows how) and I figure it’s time to follow it up! 🙂 (Read the first one it’s related hoho)

So while getting lost somewhere and enjoying the sights and roadtrips, I dream of writing a book. Can be fiction or not, i don’t know but I know somewhere in the places where the road will take me hopefully will trigger the writer inside me that is good enough to scribble thoughts of mine that can make a good book. It’s a big deal I make this happen because it’s a lifelong dream and the euphoria i’ll get with the thought that I actually made something in my life that can last forever, that I actually made a tangible thing out of my thoughts, my life will be complete then. I don’t mind the book reaching only a few hands, even if it’s just a single copy, as long as I know my loved ones read and appreciate it, that would be more than enough and I think i’ve spent so much daydreaming now so a period will now do. Haha.

/Young aspirer.

5 thoughts on “To write a book someday..

  1. arriacross says:

    Add long as you’re determined to make your dreams come true, no-one will be able to stop you. Best of luck, girl.

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